Between tradition and modernity

Macedonia is characterized by a lively cultural life. Cultural Center is certainly the capital Skopje. With opera, ballet and the many small and large theaters, the city has something to offer for everyone.

Festival for all tastes
The annual summer festivals are very popular. Besides friends of classical music, jazz followers are addressed here as well, as evidenced by the increasing number of visitors to the famous jazz festival. With great international interest propels the film festival Manaki Brothers, which makes the city a regular meeting place for film enthusiasts from all around the world.

Fascination Folklore
A high priority in the Macedonian cultural life has its folklore. The traditional music, which is determined by typical instruments such as Macedonian Kaval, Tapan, Gajda and Tambura are even among the younger generation of Macedonian well received. In addition, you can experience almost anywhere in the country dance groups that present the old symbolic dances in traditional national dress.