Economic region with perspectives

As an emerging country in southeastern Europe, the Republic of Macedonia offers interesting opportunities to foreign investors. Low tax rates, one for Central European conditions very low average wage levels, and a functioning legal system - especially in view of the envisaged EU accession- have created an environment that is also highly attractive for medium-sized companies in Rhineland-Palatinate.

Duty free access to over 650 million consumers
Due to various multilateral and bilateral free trade agreements Macedonia offers duty free access to more than 650 million consumers in the EU Member States, EFTA and CEFTA countries, Turkey and Ukraine.

Highly skilled workers for less money
The Macedonian education system enjoys an excellent reputation internationally. Many Macedonian academics, e.g. doctors and engineers hold the world's top positions. Also possible investors can choose from the available highly qualified staff from the Macedonian labor market - and all of it with an average gross monthly wage of 430 .

Attractive tax benefits
In particular because of the tax aspects, Macedonia presents itself as a friendly environment for potential investors. Attractive incentives are not only available in the specially designated free trade zones and technology centers, but also in all other parts of the country. Both corporate and income tax of only 10%, and reinvested profits are even tax-free.

A healthy mix of industries
Not only because of the stable political situation many companies from different industries have settled in Macedonia in the last years. Today, the country offers an attractive mix, from which future investors will also benefit. This includes in particular the automotive industry, IT companies, the healthcare sector, engineering companies and the textile industry. These are often large international corporations and businesses that operate from here, and attend on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Position as a strategic advantage
In particular, the central location in the heart of South Eastern Europe proves to be a strategic advantage for many companies. The location of Macedonia is an ideal transit and distribution center for products destined for European markets. The extremely well-developed road and railway network guarantees that any other place in Macedonia can be achieved at in less than three hours. Two international airports - Skopje and Ohrid - also ensure regular direct flights to major European centers.